measurement of moving on

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Also I have been working on this drawing from another visit to the Barbican Conservatory. 
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-Abandoned underground station in Paris converted into a pool
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Jimmy Smith & Felix White From the UK Tour 2014 Photo Zine © Pooneh Ghana
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The Libertines - The boy looked at Johnny (live at Barrowland, Glasgow / second day)

Just watched this which is from the night i seen them. Still in utter disbelief that i seen my favourite band in a small-ish venue because who knows when i’ll be able to see them again in a venue like the barras. Literally the best night of my life, and i fucked some people over to go to this gig and at least one person now hates me as a result but who fucking cares when its the libertines man. 

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puh-LEASE i am so bored

Send me the names of 3 men and I’ll tell you who I want as my 

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I don’t know how I feel about this but w/e

far out this is pure talent

says you!!!

Can I have this on my wall Tamara k thnx

yes you may but call me tamara again and ill cut off your left boob

This is another one of my faves samara

i know how u should feel about this , effin proud , It’s amazing

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james mcavoy holding a frozen chicken is everything i need 

What a beauty I mean honestly
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One of Peter Doherty’s first selfie

I didn’t want to reblog this cause it had 69 notes but look at it
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He’ll think of the tiny details only a poet thinks of. He used to phone me up when he’s miserable or when he’s upset about some other drama and I’d say ‘Ok, Pete, it’s fine. Alright, where are you?’ And he’d go [dramatically] ‘In the rain!’ Just that sort of thing. So endearing. So beautiful.

Carl Barât on Pete Doherty (via albion-sails-on-course)
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Şuradaki the libertines | via Tumblr: We Heart It
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