measurement of moving on


creativity like “yo”,

attention span like “no”.

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graevbaby: the maccabees

Favourite song - seventeen hands or glimmer
Seen live - once but only as a support :(
Favourite album - wall of arms i think
Band Rating (1-10) - 10!!
Favourite member and why - Orlando i think and i just love everything about him and i like hearing him talk about things hes just intriguing. 

Send me band names!!

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Send me band names and I’ll do this

Favorite song:
Seen live:
Favorite album:
Band Rating (1-10):
Favorite member and why:

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My Bloody Valentine | I Only Said

To lay underneath the red sky there
To lay under her, I want her there

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Iranian painting.
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Basement in Nijmegen by me
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Have you ever felt a potential love for someone ? Like , you don’t actually love them and you know you don’t , but you know you could . You know that you could easily fall in love with them .

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Anonymous: 11, 37 and 148 :)

11. What does the most recent text that you sent say? I’m not sure and i cant check since my phone is broken but probably something to do with palma violets because i was seeing them the same day

37. What do you say during awkward silences? Dont really feel awkward during silences? so im not sure

148. What’s your favourite quote? Oh shit i dont think i have one, i once read something that i really liked but i dont know if theres any point in having a favourite quote, at least, not for me.

Thank you for doing this the questions were super cute i’d like more people to give me numbers if they can be bothered!!! xx

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life is hard when you’re shy and just below average looking

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